End My Work

Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing

Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing

The following two procedures to purchase email leads from endmywork

  1. Apply
  2. Get Approved

All the crowdfunding campaign creators can apply, but we will decide whether the campaign will be approved or disapproved to purchase leads from endmywork.

If campaign creators apply, they will get the following benefits from endmywork.

  1. Minimum 5 backers or minimum funded of 25 $ within 48 hours (we are 100% committed to those campaign creators either get a minimum of 5 backers or minimum funding of 25$)
  2. Total 1000 crowdfunding backer email leads according to the campaign.
  3. Total 1 email marketing template. (we may ask for HD images and content from campaign creators)
  4. We will do email marketing to 1000 email leads.
  5. Access to the email marketing system for a month.

Campaign creators need to apply at endmywork to purchase leads for the following reasons.

  1.  Crowdfunding backer email leads should not get spam emails, repeated emails, and constant emails.
  2. We have limited campaign slots for every week or every month.
  3. We should have enough leads for every campaign or campaign category.
  4. We should have enough time to generate crowdfunding email leads for every campaign.
  5. We want to know the performance of the crowdfunding campaign towards 1000 email leads.

The cost of Crowdfunding backer’s email leads is as follows.

It may cost 20 $ to apply at endmywork. The cost of crowdfunding backer’s email leads is as per the below packages or price table after it gets approved.