End My Work

Exchange of Crowdfunding Backers Email Leads

1 Backers Email Leads of your crowdfunding campaign = 10 Backers Email Leads of other crowdfunding campaigns

You give 1 email lead from your crowdfunding campaign to us. We will provide you with 10 email leads of other crowdfunding campaigns.

Email marketing is the number 1 method to reach targeted people.
Email marketing is a cost-effective system to reach your targeted audience.

We have large numbers of crowdfunding backers’ email leads data. We have two categories for those data.

1. Six (6) months old data. (Highly Active Backers)
2.Older than six (6) months of data. (Active Backers)

We give a mixture of both data to crowdfunding campaign creators. If campaign creators want to exchange crowdfunding backers’ email leads with endmywork then-campaign creators are required to apply and then our executive will get back to them within 48 hours.